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Community Perspective - Julian Emerson

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As the only food bank in west central Wisconsin, Feed My People distributes 150,000+ pounds of food a week and 7.5 million pounds a year to local agencies. We are a cost effective way to provide pantries, community tables, and shelters enough food so thousands of people can be helped each month.

A caring community is remembered

He softly sang as he walked around the pantry picking up items such as bread, apples, cereal and chicken for his family. She told me how her grandsons would have apple sauce and pb&j's for lunch tomorrow because of the food she had picked from the shelves. He told me he biked two miles just to get to the food pantry because there was no food at home. 

They all said "Thank You."

Many times when I visit one of Feed My People's hunger-relief partners I see just a small glimpse into the lives of my neighbors seeking food assistance. It is by no means the full picture of their lives or the struggles that their families are facing. However, each time that I visit I am overcome by the gratitude and appreciation expressed by the residents.

Sometimes it is a "Thank You," other times a handshake or hug and yet others an explanation of the difference the food will make for their family. When a family is struggling they do not forget the caring community that is there for them and their children during difficult times.

Thank you for joining us to provide this support.

Rebecca Baader, FMP's Communications Specialist