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"We met a fellow up at the Hayward Food Pantry. While we were unloading he came and helped us, even though he was disabled. This man said to us, 'I am sure glad you people are doing this, or I would be out of food.' This made our trip and my volunteer efforts for Feed My People really feel worthwhile."

- Volunteer Truck Driver for Feed My People

"In the past I used to donate regularly to charity. Now I'm on the other end - receiving food - and I'm very grateful for the help."

- Dunn County Mother, Part of a Working Family of Four

"By obtaining food from FMP, we are able to serve 10 times more families than we would have if we relied only on food drives."

- Roberta Poirier, Bloomer Area Food Pantry

What We Do

Since 1982 Feed My People Food Bank has been working to solve two problems, hunger and food waste. We rescue millions of pounds of food from manufacturers, suppliers, farmers and more and connect it to those in our community who need it. Our partnership with over 200 hunger-relief programs in 14 west central Wisconsin counties makes this crucial distribution possible.

Partnering to End Hunger

As the only food bank in west central Wisconsin, Feed My People Food Bank provides hunger-relief programs access to millions of pounds of low-cost foods. These cost-effective partnerships mean thousands of people are helped each month across communities in our service area. We support our partner programs in other ways too, including:

  • Free food delivery
  • Workshops to share ideas and grow their programs
  • Regional fundraising opportunities
  • Local food rescue relationships
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Reaching Everyone

In addition to our hunger-relief partnerships, we sponsor direct programming to support specific areas of unmet need. Every week during the school year, our Weekend Kids' Meal program provides bags of food to nearly 2,000 preschool, elementary, middle, and high school students who may struggle with hunger when school meals are not available. Learn more about child hunger.

Through collaboration with the Aging & Disability Resource Center of Eau Claire County and Meals on Wheels (MOW), emergency food boxes are distributed to many individuals who are homebound. In addition, small resident pantries have been implemented at numerous area low-income housing developments in Eau Claire and Chippewa.

Seniors have unique challenges including struggles with fixed incomes and transportation issues. These programs have been specifically designed to target low-income seniors who may struggle with inadequate nutrition.

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Rescuing Food

Our Food Rescue program saves over 2.2 million pounds of good, edible food from ending up in landfills each year. We receive donations of perishable and non-perishable items that have been pulled from the shelves of grocery stores and other retailers and quickly distribute this food to our hunger-relief partners.

A team of staff members and an average of 30 volunteers drive over 92,000 miles a year throughout west central Wisconsin delivering food free of a delivery charge. Our six refrigerated trucks make it possible to deliver a variety of foods in larger quantities than what would fit in a personal vehicle. Together we're saving community resources and helping thousands of people struggling with hunger every month.

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Promoting Healthy Eating

With your support, Feed My People continues to increase the amount and variety of fresh produce to promote healthy lifestyles to those we serve. Our large warehouse, complete with freezer and cooler space, allows us to store vast quantities of food and distribute it to our partners. The following initiatives promote and encourage greater access to healthier options for our neighbors in need.

Last year 30% of all food distributed by the food bank was fresh fruits and vegetables.

This program encourages our partner food pantries to make diabetic and heart-healthy friendly foods available as a choice for residents. The food bank purchases items such as chicken, low-sugared cereals, dried beans, milk, and canned fruits and vegetables to ensure there is a consistent supply of high-demand healthy foods available.

FMP partners often share that distribution of fruits and vegetables is crucial to those they serve but also challenging with it comes to storage, distribution, and ideas for preparation. By providing interactive nutrition training, as well as hosting two Agency Gatherings a year, our partners are encouraged to implement fresh ideas that promote healthy living.