I know the pantry helps my family. When I am there, I see it helps out more people than just us.

Lending a Helping Hand

"My mom started coming to the pantry in the spring," explained ten year old Jake. "She asked if we could help, so when we came in I started asking what I could do. Now I stock shelves and help to lift heavy boxes when the truck comes."

At a recent visit to one of Feed My People Food Bank's partner pantries, I had the opportunity to meet Jake. Heading into the fifth grade next year, he spends his summer days swimming, drawing superheroes and volunteering to help unload the Feed My People truck that delivers food to the local pantry on Fridays.

"It feels good to be here and help," shared Jake. "I know it [the pantry] helps my family and when I am here I see it helps out more people than just us."
Jake couldn't be more right. Across FMP's fourteen county service area there are many families just like Jake's who have fallen on hard times and utilize food assistance resources as they work to get back on their feet.

Together we are lending a helping hand to our neighbors by not only providing food, but the opportunity for a more stable tomorrow. Together we are making a difference.

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