A New Recipe for Empty Bowls

Last year, Pablo Center's front of house manager, Steve Knowlton, created and donated a soup recipe for our collection of recipes Feed My People was gathering for the bowl packages. We approached him again this year to see if he would be willing to write another recipe and snuck in the idea of creating a video to go along with it. It was an immediate yes and Pablo Center donated their staff and space to produce a one-off cooking show with us. 

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After that, we reached out to Silver Spring Foods, a longtime supporter and friend of Feed My People to see if they would like to go in on this collaboration by donating one of their products to star in the recipe. They were all in as well and before we knew it there was an entire pallet of Stone Ground Mustard packed and ready to go into bowl boxes. Steve was excited to create a soup featuring the mustard and also their horseradish. The Everything Bagel skillet cornbread was also born out of his desire to showcase another one of Silver Spring Foods' great products. 

The fact that Pablo Center, a powerhouse for bringing together music, art, and entertainment, and Silver Spring Foods, a local dynamo in the food business, teamed up with us to creatively bring about awareness to the needs of people experiencing food insecurity, speaks volumes about the kind of waves we can make when we look outside of our typical zones of operation. Together, we hope we can turn some heads and bring positive action to an issue in our community.

A New Recipe for Empty Bowls