The Kitchen Sink Podcast

Hunger is messy. It takes all of us to do the dishes. 

Food is something that brings us all together. Conversation begins at the table, but the real conversation moves after the meal to the kitchen sink. Feed My People's new podcast is gathering stories from our community and beyond about what brings us all to the messy kitchen sink after a good meal. The more dishes in the sink, the more people were fed.

Our hosts, staff members Brit Heyman and Susie Haugley, are guiding guests to tell their stories, not just the expected ones about their heart for hunger issues but also their personal backgrounds. We'll also touch on lighthearted subjects like figuring out which historical figure we'd share a meal with.

New episodes will be released twice monthly, with a break over the summer. They are recorded and produced by Eau Claire Hometown Media and can also be found on Spotify and iHeart. 

The Kitchen Sink Podcast