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Community Perspective Letter

Michael Johnson, Superintendent of the Eau Claire School District, shared the District's commitment with us to ensure every child receives the food they need to learn and grow.

Feed My People Food Bank has supported the students of the Eau Claire Area School District for many years through their Weekend Kids' Meal Program. This program is vital to the well-being of many students who may not otherwise have food to eat on the weekends. It eliminates barriers for families who may not have easy access to visit a food pantry by allowing students to bring food home directly from school.

Every day our dedicated teachers, partnership coordinators, and other staff work to foster an environment where learning and development thrive. We know that in our school district where over 40% of our population is economically disadvantaged, our most vulnerable learners are our youngest students and those at a lower socio-economic level. Providing food stability has a huge impact in the lives of all of our students and their academic success. As a community, we are proud to partner with Feed My People supporting the creation of food pantries at many of our schools including Memorial and North High Schools, McKinley Charter School, Northstar and South Middle Schools, and Flynn, Longfellow, Manz, Lakeshore, and Locust Lane Elementary Schools. These new school-based food pantries provide yet another opportunity for families to access much needed food and reduce or eliminate barriers to accessing the food.

In the ECASD, we know it truly takes an entire community to support our students every day. With the help of Feed My People Food Bank and the Weekend Kids' Meal Program, we show our families and students that we are also there for them outside of the classroom. Partnerships like the one we share with Feed My People are crucial to student success and our District values those partnerships all year long.

This letter is from Feed My People's fall 2021 newsletter. Read the full newsletter here. 



Community Perspective Letter