First Annual Farm to Food Bank Gathering

Several of our Farm to Food Bank partners joined us at the food bank this past week to learn more about the impact they are making. They met with several key staff members, toured the distribution center, and enjoyed lunch catered by the Career Development Center. 

Last summer, Feed My People launched Farm to Food Bank to intentionally generate partnerships with local food harvesters and suppliers. So far, 24 have officially committed their product to us. Every donation or purchase of fresh food such as locally grown apples and potatoes will help reduce carbon emissions from transportation, improve the quality of food delivered to local families, and strengthen local economic ties with vendors who support our mission. 

Partners include Bushel and a Peck apple orchard from Chippewa Falls and Central Wisconsin Produce Auction Produce Group in Withee, Wisconsin, and the list is ever-growing. We hope to add transportation partners as well to continue the vital work of getting food where it needs to go. 

Another arm of Farm to Food Bank is engagement and education to continually steward our partners and reach out to potential new ones. We plan to host future Gatherings with our Farm to Food Bank partners to continue building momentum for this vital program. Together, we can truly reach our mission of creating equitable access to food for healthier communities. 

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First Annual Farm to Food Bank Gathering