FRESH Futures

FRESH Futures (Food Resilience and Environmental Sustainability Harvest) encompasses how Feed My People responsibly sources and manages food.

  • Food rescue connects otherwise wasted food to our programs and partners. We work with gas stations, grocery stores, and other retailers to allow their older inventory to go to their local community pantry instead of the dumpster.
  • Farm to Food Bank sources fresh food from local farmers and food producers. This improves its quality, reduces carbon emissions from transportation, and keeps funds local.
  • Due to the high volume of food moving through our distribution center, recycling is a big part of our operations. This spring, we installed a baler to prep polyethylene plastic and cardboard onsite for recycling.
  • Sometimes, no intervention can prevent food from going bad - whether it was received in poor condition or so close to its expiration that we could not distribute it in time. This "no chance food" still gets used by places such as pig farmers, who can integrate it into their farming needs.
FRESH Futures